• Our core competencies are supplier verification and product inspections in China. Our job is to safeguard you from unreliable suppliers and realistically check the quality and finish of the product ordered by you. Our reports let the customers control their production as if they were in the factory. All our reports include photos and comments on quality criteria according to the standards approved by the customer’s pre-production sample.Whether it’s finding the perfect environmentally-conscious partner or personally inspecting every batch of goods, our team will go one step further to ensure your goals are met.

By being your eyes and ears in China we can minimize the risks associated with scams, negligence, unreliable manufacturers etc. Below is the list of our QC services:

Factory Audit Report (Far)

In order to guarantee that your production is in good hands, we can perform the factory audit to verify that the supplier is able to fulfill your expectations of quality and production capacity. We will visit the factory, verify their production facilities, meet their employees and staff in charge of managing your order, and establish a good relationship with them to make your order go smoothly. We will check their export license and certificates required for each case.

After our visit to the factory we will produce a detailed report covering:

  • Company and factory profile
  • Permits and licenses
  • Key customers & markets
  • Quality management
  • Quality systems & certifications
  • Materials management
  • Equipment and production capacity
  • Social audit and work environment
  • Production process
  • Raw material storage
  • Research and development capability
  • Packaging
  • Laboratory areas for quality control

Test & Certification

According to the regulations of each country, industry standards or customer requirements, certain products require the laboratory tests and certificates by recognized institutions. Our company can issue the certification under recognized companies such as SGS, TUV or INTERTEK before, during or after production. For example: ROHS, EN-71, Phthalate-Free, materials analysis etc.

By being close to the manufacturers we will save you time and money for sample testing and certifications.

Initial Production Inspection

By performing Initial Production Inspection, we can guarantee that your order is 100% ready for production and avoid quality-related surprises during or after production. During the inspection, if the customer requires, we can take the samples of the materials for lab testing and quality assurance.

We make sure that your specifications are understood by the factory and try to identify any potential pitfalls in the production process, materials used, schedules, management etc. As a result, defects and resulting delays can be avoided before the production begins.

During Production Inspection (DPI)

DPI ensures that the finished units of your order correspond exactly to the approved sample before the rest of the lot is produced. This allows detecting any errors in production and taking timely action.

We carefully inspect a randomly selected number of items and analyze the raw materials, functionality, finishing, packaging etc.  We check the production process, its current status and critical process controls. The report is accompanied by comments and photos. It takes approximately 24 hours to perform the inspection and send the report.

Pre Shipment Inspection (PSI)

PSI is crucial for minimizing risk of receiving defective products. Once the shipment is in the port of destination and paid, it’s impossible to return the items.

When more than 80% of the production is completed and ready for shipment, we will inspect selected samples of the products in accordance with Acceptable Quality Level (MIL STD 105E tables) and analyze their finishing, functionality, packaging, labeling, shipping marks etc.

The report details the quality of the product and includes comments and photos. It takes approximately 24 hours to perform the inspection and send the report.

Container Loading Check (CIC)

CLC guarantees that the shipped cargo matches your company’s purchase order. It usually takes place on-site at the factory or at forwarder’s premises. We check quantity, packing list, packaging, labeling, container conditions, as well as the loading process.

CLC assures that there aren’t any mistakes related to wrong size of shipment, damaged packaging and goods, or various other potential oversights.

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