The Revolution in Electric Mobility

has Arrived

  • European Union’s (EU) long-term objective of achieving a competitive low carbon economy is based on enabling environmentally sustainable investments, particularly in terms of decreasing energy consumption in buildings, transition to electric vehicles, and developing smart electricity networks, while promoting renewable energy use in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80% by 2050 compared to 1990 levels.

Since, transport is one of the main sectors responsible for EU’s emissions; diffusion of Electric Vehicles could allow immense reduction.

  • The sustainable electric mobility comes to solve the environmental and social problems caused by the generalization of the use of the private vehicle as a means of transport; the closure of cities to the traffic of combustion vehicles; the great increase in pollution and the constant rise in the price of fossil fuels make the electric vehicle a present and future option, which provides a Guarantee and Quality of life.
    Our electric vehicles do not pollute with gases or noise, they make our towns nicer places. In addition, the great savings in the cost of
    The energy used for their mobility generates healthier and stronger family and business economies.

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