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  • What is a license? Licensing is the legal process by which the owner of the brand, image or any other intellectual property authorizes or grants the right of use in a product or service.

For example, if a clothing manufacturer wants to print a character in their collection because they know they will attract their target, they need to sign a licensing agreement with the owner of the character (brand) through the agent (representative).

This contract is usually negotiated during a certain period of time (term), in a specific geographical area (territory) and in exchange for a payment (royalties or royalty). Licensing can be a powerful marketing tool, helping the process of building brands and strengthening their positioning in the market.


Advantages of licensing:


The benefits easily perceived for the company that licenses characters / brands are:

  • Increase in sales.
  • Opening of new sales channels.
  • Association to strong concepts and attributes related to the brand.
  • Immediate recognition and identification by the public.
  • Competitive advantage in the market over competition

Why Wellview License?


  • We are a dynamic company, which has always sought to offer the best products to its customers, both adapting to market demands and offering new and innovative proposals.
  • Our company has a large network that analyzes and implements each license with a maximum of rigor, granting you your personal stamp of creativity that makes them distinguishable in the market. Whether for the originality of our designs in an increasingly competitive product, as for the attractive packages created specifically.
  • To guarantee the quality of our products and offer the best service, we have a Headquarter office in China , which allow us to closely monitor manufacturing processes, in addition to having an exhaustive quality and safety control.
  • And proof of this is that we not only strictly comply with current regulations, but also work together with the most important international laboratories. Likewise, our company has the ISO 9001:2008 certificate, which is a plus of confidence for our customers.

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