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What do we offer you?

Due to cultural differences, language barriers, and unexpectedly changing rules here, doing business in China could quickly become a frustrating endeavor.

By purchasing directly from Wellview Universal, you will avoid problems and save time on product searches, misunderstandings with language and culture, price negotiations, quality issues and control with follow-up of productions.


We analyze your business, your purchasing power and price range, in order to select the most competitive suppliers.

Personalized Attention

We know that each business is different, that's why we offer personalized attention, in your language and on your schedules.


Our team of experts is in charge of being your voice and your eyes when it comes to meeting and negotiating with suppliers.

Cost Reduction

We calculate all your total import costs from the beginning of the project in order to analyze and guarantee its long-term viability.

Quality Control

We structure a quality and inspection strategy to control the production line and minimize the number of defective products.

Logistics Management

We know perfectly how international logistics works. We look for the most efficient means of transport for your merchandise, and we manage all the necessary documentation for its shipment.

Canton Fair

Travel to the Canton Fair with Wellview Universal.

Wellview Universal Group, as a purchasing agency in China with more than 20 years of experience, offers a schedule to make your business trip to the Canton Fair as productive as possible.

How we work

We minimize the risk of your purchasing operations in China.

Whether it is to import your products to China or export products from China to another country, you need an experienced ally who will defend your interests as you would yourself.

With Wellview Universal, you get control of expenses, personalized inspections and total management of the entire import, all in one office.

We save your time and money, avoiding that you have to go to freight forwarding companies, customs agents, inspection and transport companies on your own. But above all, you will obtain the assurance that the import or export meets all the requirements.


Savings in import operations

Our clients always win.


Ahorro en el desarrollo de marcas

Our clients always win.

Brand Development

Your brand can be as big as you want.

Among the solutions offered by Wellview Universal, we have an expert team in the design and development of brands and products. 

For our team, each project represents an opportunity to use knowledge to add value to your products.

Market and competition studies

Trade mark


Product design

Packaging design

Development of website and online store

Digital marketing plan

Strengthen the differentiation of your brand from the rest of the competition and guarantee its positioning at the highest level.

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